Connecting To Your Soul


Soul Connections guides you to take your power back, take control of your life and your own happiness.


Wanda Csanyi created Soul Connections to allow you to easily connect to your higher self, that part of yourself that knows you are here for greater things than suffering and struggle. Divine blessings are available to those that are ready to have an awe filled awakening here on earth.

Soul Connections is awakening into spiritual enlightenment, dropping baggage that is weighing you down. Lightening you up, reminding you of how special you really are, lifting your vibration, reconnecting back to nature and reclaiming your power. You will realize that help and support is constantly being showered on you.


With Soul Connections one of the first things people notice is that anxiety lessens. Emotions become more stable, thoughts become positive. People start to relate to their own issues as if from a third party perspective. Stagnant emotions are moved out by Divine Blessings. Guidance pertaining to what issues you are struggling with is given from Universal Consciousness.


All we have to do is relax into knowing that everything is going to become easier, life is about to become more fun and full of joy. You will come back to who you are meant to be, your own true Divine self.

Like most people, you are probably listening to the part of your mind that tells you you’re not good enough, not worthy; it’s constantly creating problems instead of solving them. In this new consciousness your mind will be quieter. You will start to hear the part of you that is connected to your heart, the smarter part of yourself. The part of yourself that tells you, that you are special, fabulous and loved. You will be listening to your Soul.


Soul Connections is for everyone from beginners, to those who are already on a spiritual path and ready to move up to the next level. Have you been working on yourself and nothing seems to change? Soul Connections allows you to relax and allow God to do the work for you.

You don’t need to be religious or spiritual just willing to let go of things that are weighing you down and to be open to changes that will occur in your life.


We are living in an exciting time when people are waking up. The world is getting smaller and smaller, no longer can we pay attention to our differences, and it is time to love and care for each other. Soul Connections energy allows you to let go of limitations and makes room for you to notice and feel how beautiful life can be. After all, we are all together on this tiny blue marble.


1 hour sessions $80.  A minimum of 3 sessions are recommended.



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